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The Treasure Island Gazelles 

"The Care for Me "/ 3 Flags Team

A concept created by The MAIENGA Organization in 1990

In losing their points of reference, the Gazelles discover their true values. They have the freedom to choose their own route. In addition, the Rallye's concept in unique: participants must drive the shortest distance to win. Eco-driving is encouraged and rewarded.

The Gazelles have to reach the predefined check points along their course in the least number of kilometres, rather than in the least amount of time. They may choose to drive around a mountain or to cross over it, to drive through the dunes or to avoid them...

They are provided with a "Road Book" for the day’s course. This extremely succinct document contains only the geographic coordinates, headings and distances of the day’s check points and finish line.

With the help of a compass and a 1:100,000 scale map, they plot their route and plan their itinerary.

One course, designed specifically for the capacities of Crossover vehicles, is reserved for the exclusive use of this type of vehicle.

Dividing the vehicles among different courses makes it harder for them to follow each other, which is strictly prohibited during the competition.

The competition begins at dawn, with successive starts every two minutes. An average day of competition is 10 to 13 hours long.

The rankings are obtained by calculating the extra kilometres driven (distance driven between check points minus distance as the crow flies) and penalty kilometres for any check points not reached.

The winning team is that with the least number of kilometres.

The Rallye is completely off-road, its course redesigned every year...

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The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco is an all-women off-road rally raid..The only one of its kind...its been in existence for the last 24 years. It consists of one prologue and six legs, all entirely off-road, two of which are marathon legs lasting two days. A total of 2,500 kilometers through dried-out river beds, shock absorber-busting stony plains and the sandy dunes of the Western Sahara desert have to be covered by the teams with only a compass and a 1:100,000 scale map to plot their route between checkpoints. GPS, binoculars and cell phones are forbidden items. The winner is not the fastest team but the one which has traveled the least number of kilometers between checkpoints within a given time frame (distance driven minus straight-line distance). Penalty kilometers are allocated for missed checkpoints and requests for technical assistance. For safety reasons, the teams are constantly monitored by a satellite tracking system..


Dominique Serra, head of the operating agency Maïenga, organized the first women’s rally in 1990. Initially planned as an image campaign and to dispel prejudices, today the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is one of the most important motor sport events in France. The 2009 rally took place under the patronage of his Majesty, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI on the occasion of his tenth year of reign. For this reason the coat of arms of the Moroccan Royal Guard was exceptionally attributed to the event this year. King Mohammed VI had - much to the opposition of the fundamentalists and Islamist conservatives – reformed and liberalized family law in favour of women by creating a new family code, the Mudawana.


MAÏENGA and the RALLYE AÏCHA DES GAZELLES are now officially certified ISO 14001:2004. The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is the only rally to obtain ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Certification in 2010. This international standard guarantees that MAÏENGA has introduced an Environmental Management System (EMS) for integrating environmental policy into its actions and its global management strategy. MAÏENGA’s Environmental Management System was audited by VERITAS, accredited independent certification body, which also audited the Rallye itself, on location in Morocco, to verify the event’s conformity to the EMS. ISO 14001 certification is based on the identification of environmental impacts, possible solutions for improvement, and the introduction of suitable processes.


The Moroccan government annually invests millions of dirhams to improve the health conditions of the population. Nearly 90% of children are now vaccinated and the mortality rate of women declined sharply in recent years ... But access to health care remains difficult for rural populations.

From 2005, the TOTAL Group becomes full energetic patron of medical caravan alongside

the Heart of Gazelles.

Thus, thanks to the patronage of the TOTAL Group solidarity and logistics Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, Heart of Gazelles puts establish a true traveling clinic of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and logisticians.

Since 2005, over 3,000 people are treated by the Medical Caravan crossing remote areas of southern Morocco located more than 100 kilometers from a clinic or hospital.

Today, the Medical Caravan provides more than 7,000 consultations per year in the following areas: general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, ophthalmology, optics, diabetes screenings, trachoma and cataract, and the pharmacy.

♦ Focus on "optical component" of the caravan of screening vision correction ...

Through two Autorefractors connected to generator, opticians caravan live track down problems for the population. Patients then receive a pair of glasses, clip glasses adapted to their view for a perfect correction and instantaneous.

In 2013, 1,006 screenings were performed with 20% allocation of corrective glasses.

In 2012/2013, "ATOL OPTICIANS" is the official supplier of the optical component of the medical caravan TOTAL / Heart of Gazelles.

♦ In 2012: Cataract Operations:

After a positive first experience in 2011 (20 transactions), the Medical Caravan hires the ALBASSAR Association (Surgery and Eye Disease) who agrees to operate within 24h, all patients referenced by opticians and ophthalmologists of Medical Caravan or screened prior to arrival. 73 patients have benefited in 2012.

♦ Results 2013 medical caravan TOTAL:

6739 consultations conducted.

Gynecology consultations 477 (sessions and individual counseling on breast cancer gynecology, pregnancy care, contraception and benefits of childbirth in the hospital sector). A scanner connected to a generator used to detect cancer of the uterus and detect high-risk pregnancies. 141 scans performed.

Ophthalmology: 529 consultations were conducted. 1,540 people have benefited from systematic screening of trachoma and cataract. Following this screening, 84 patients were operated by

the will Albassar association.

Optics: 1,006 screenings with 20% allocation of corrective glasses.

Diabetes: 653 screening routine for over 45 years and pregnant and patients with risk factors women. Anticipatory guidance was provided so that patients live better disease.

Skin lesions many untended wounds from falls, psoriasis, eczema ...

Pharmacy: 9085 boxes distributed drugs ., 3030 orders and delivered treatments

The effects of desertification are still being felt from one year to another, with the same problems: the proliferation of microbes related to poor hygiene, Water and electricity (food cooking / washing hands / preserving foods).

♦ Since 2005, the Medical Caravan is:

53639 people have received medical consultation during the passage of the medical caravan (Morocco)

180 doctors mobilized

64 nurses detached by the Moroccan Ministry of Health,

2,376 people who received eyeglasses,

3 deliveries made ​​by physicians in the medical caravan,

104 operations trachoma

37 disabled redirected to adpatés care centers,

3 mammography transported to the hospital in Essaouira

6 tons of medical supplies sent to Moroccan hospitals (wheelchairs, lookup tables ...)

♦ The medical caravan video on France 5:

The Magazine of Health has devoted a series of short reports to the medical trailer.

To see the video click here .

♦ Heart of Gazelles would like to thank :

TOTAL, Patron of the Medical Caravan for 7 years, is a group that, beyond its vocation as an energy is driven by strong values ​​of respect for others, ethics and solidarity. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity and the National Mutual we thank respectively, TOTAL has confidence in and support for the Medical Caravan.

- ATOL OPTICIANS , official supplier of optical lenses and frames pane

- All volunteer doctors and logistics for their time and support , - Provincial Delegations of Health and the National Mutual for their logistical support - The AICHA Company for his help in the delivery of medical equipment - The Albassar Association for cataract operations, - The CRIP Montpellier , - The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles for his confidence and support - Sanofi - Aventis Morocco for his contribution needs medicated - The Moroccan Federation of Diabetes , the Association for the Fight against Glaucoma


An International Event

The RALLYE AÏCHA DES GAZELLES is a sporting event that receives wide media coverage (television, written press, radio, Internet).

This mediatisation is international, and includes Being Sport, The New York Times, Clear Channel, Fox 5, NBC News, Pacific Magasin, Radio-Canada, M6, TF1, France 2, Eurosport, TV5, 2M in Morocco, Elle magazine, L'express, the Journal de Montréal, Chérie FM... Recounting the passion and the sporting exploits of all these women.

Close to 100 journalists attend the Rallye. Certain structures are set up at the Rallye to enable them to relay the event: press vehicles, press room, video editing studio, press information centre, daily image bank (video and photo).

The organisation provides daily press releases, photos and video footage, interviews live from the bivouac, tracking of teams on the Rallye’s website...

In the interest of quality, performance and reactivity, all image production for the Rallye is managed by MAÏENGA, whose role is therefore not only that of event organiser, but also of image producer.

- See more at:

2013 Arrival on Essaouira Beach 



Recognized public interest, the Heart of Gazelles was born around the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in Morocco in 2001.

Both men and women of the association are mobilizing every day to be the "heart" of the human

and sustainable development.

Our commitment is ethical and responsible, each project fits into the "practical and useful" for people.

- Our actions are "human size" over our meetings, we work with local people . the origin of problems in order to ensure effective and sustainable in the long term help

- We engage with and for the poor: our actions, whose needs are assessed in the field, enabling people to become agents of their . Development

- We work in a spirit of partnership:

we do not create alternative structures, we strengthen and develop existing local structures.

- We work with reduced operating costs: all donations directly benefit people.

- Our actions are recognized by government bodies: we act with the necessary legitimacy to our commitment authorizations.