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The Treasure Island Gazelles 

"The Care for Me "/ 3 Flags Team


In March 2016, the Treasure Island Gazelles will compete in the “Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles” organized by Maienga for the Charity “Coeur de Gazelles Foundation” for over 25 years. It is the world’s only all-female Moto-Cross rally across the Western Sahara. Proceeds from the event are used to send teams of medical doctors into the Sahara to provide basic medical care to Moroccan women and children. The winner is the team that travels the least distance over the course of the two-week event

with only a map and a compass –

No GPS, No Cellphones!

Catherine Chiadmi (second participation) with her Teamate Cecile Rambaud Vinson (first time participant) and launchingt their campaign to raise awareness and contribute funds to help impoverished Saharan women and their families.

In Addition Catherine and Cecile are also raising funds to promote a safe environment for abandonned and abused children through the SOS Children Village of Ait Ourir

one of the poorest children located 40 km from Marrakesh at the foot of The Atlas Mountains


A Not-For-Profit Organization promoting “Sharing and Solidarity” across nations

to empower women and children in developing countries

To promote a safe environment for abandoned and abuse Children

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution... please feel free to contact us.

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